General Engineering

General Engineering


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Our college has enormous space for Physics, Chemistry, Workshop, Computer, Communication and Life Skills Practical labs. It has been used to enhance the students technical knowledge and career. We provide an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas and encourage creativity and independent thinking.

English Department

The department aims at enabling the diploma student to use the four skills of language namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in order to effectively interact with the peer group, the boss, the subordinates, and the common public with ease and facility.

Maths Department

Mathematics is the foundation of all Engineering courses. Mathematics subject plays a vital role in engineering education and make the students receptive of engineering subjects related with various disciplines. Students of all the disciplines, in the first year of their studies learn basic Science and Humanities.

Physics Department

The department has been working towards fulfilling its mission through teaching the basic concepts in Physics for diploma students. The faculty of the Department is actively involved in teaching, research and consultancy work. The students are given training in analytical methods and are taught about the concepts which will be used for their further studies.

Chemistry Department

Aimed at training the diploma students with experiments like anodizing, electroplating, conductometric & potentiometric determination of amount of acid, flash point, fire point, pour point & cloud point of lubricating oils, alkalinity of water and analysis of coal can be introduced in the curriculum instead of qualitative salt analysis.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry lab can easily accommodate 40 students at a time. It has separate labs with all facilities to conduct physical, organic, analytical and inorganic experiments for various diploma courses. The lab has a network of LPG gas pipelines for heating purposes. It has a continuous water supply of both salt water and de-ionized water. Separate fume cupboard and exhaust fans are available to remove any toxic gases. There is a separate storeroom to stock all chemicals and glass wares. There is a preparation room to prepare reagents and stock solutions and the basic infrastructure of the laboratory supports academic, research as well as consultancy services for industries.

Physics Laboratory

Applied physics laboratory is offered to the Polytechnic students exposing them to different practical concepts which help them to understand the significance of basic concepts related to Physics. Physics laboratory is well equipped with good infrastructure and necessary equipments to effectively conduct lab courses to the polytechnic students.

English Lab

We enable the student to communicate fluently and effectively with the approprite use Body Language and non-verbal Codes. We also develop the intelletual Skills, Reporting Skills and writing Skills to enrich the personality of the students. To improve the communication Skills of students, we consciously organise various innovative activities such as Role Play, Group Discussion, Mock-Interviews and Seminars.